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Settlement Counsel

Working hard as a neutral mediator to get your dispute settled is not the only way, I can help facilitate a settlement.  There are two other ways.  Sometimes a party to a dispute needs a lawyer separate and apart from its trial counsel to serve as a “settlement counsel.”  In such a role, I am not a neutral but instead will be your advocate with the other side(s) for settlement.  I serve in this role either at a market hourly rate or on a fee contingent on whether the case settles or at a hybrid of both.  Sometimes a party to a dispute just needs an additional perspective on how to evaluate the dispute for settlement purposes.  I serve in that role at a market hourly rate. 


Finally, while my primary focus is on getting disputes settled, upon request I will serve as an arbitrator at a market hourly rate.

Our Location: The Caroline Center

The Caroline Center is located in the Montrose neighborhood just outside Houston’s Downtown District. With its eleven beautifully appointed conference rooms, it is the perfect place to get your dispute settled. Also, among the conference rooms are two large hearing rooms well-suited for arbitrations.

The Caroline Center
4305 Yoakum Blvd

Houston, TX 77006

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