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After more than thirty-five years of having an active trial practice in Dallas and Houston representing and trying cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, I opened Wiley George Mediation PLLC.   During my trial practice I handled about every kind of commercial litigation case you could handle and had some personal injury experience too.  As a result of mediating countless cases, I learned some things about mediation that I thought were particularly effective and some things that I did not like.  When the mediator was educated about the dispute beforehand and stayed substantively engaged throughout the mediation day, the mediation had a good chance.  When the mediator was just going through the motions, shuttling back and forth with numbers, the mediation had much less of a chance.  One of the things that I particularly did not like was the downtime.  My goal as a mediator is to minimize the time parties and their lawyers sit twiddling their thumbs, and a way to deal with that is for me to study your dispute before you get to the mediation.  I have a suggested process for us to follow that will help me to do that.  Something else that I found effective in a mediator was follow-up.  If our mediation does not result in a settlement despite best efforts, you can depend on me to follow up. 

Working hard to get your dispute settled at mediation is not the only way I can facilitate a settlement.  I can also help you by serving as your “settlement counsel” or by helping you to evaluate your dispute for settlement purposes.  I also consider arbitration opportunities.  Whether you are considering me as a mediator, settlement counsel or an arbitrator, look at my background and the description of my mediation process, fees and other services.  If I am a fit for your dispute, please contact me. 

Our Location: The Caroline Center

The Caroline Center is located in the Montrose neighborhood just outside Houston’s Downtown District. With its eleven beautifully appointed conference rooms, it is the perfect place to get your dispute settled. Also, among the conference rooms are two large hearing rooms well-suited for arbitrations.

The Caroline Center
4305 Yoakum Blvd

Houston, TX 77006

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